When "jumping", your calculation must be really precise, other wise you can end in a very inconvenient place! In "Brigit Fall", YOU, yes YOU, were in chase of some criminal called Branigan, but a miscalculation made you crash into an unknown planet. Can YOU do what it takes escape this mysterious place?

Recommended BGM (SC: Protoss OST): https://youtu.be/EVf1y_I0Ok0

Recommended BGM (Analogue OST): https://youtu.be/T_GSrWmv2_A?list=PLFgX1EWUym06Q4guoeJ-W9tcQrbdbXU5E


1- Follow your heart

2- Click which action you want to do


Editor/Engine: Inky / Ink <https://github.com/inkle/inky>

Management: Trello / Toggl


- Totally customizable character! (Just imagine how you want!)

- 9 different endings! (5 "Unique" "Death" endings and 4 kinda unique "Alive" endings!)

- Futuristic UI!

- A story full of emotion, fights, treason, and more!

- Combat system 100% deterministic! (The result will always be the same!)

Known Issues:

- Firefox resets the auto scroll to the top of the page (CRUSHED!)


Hello hello everyone!

Thank you for checking out my entry for LD36! This time I made a text adventure! I've been wanting to do one for some time, but never really made one. When they announced the theme Ancient Technology, I wanting to create an adventure/exploration game, with an air of mystery to the objects found, but I knew I wouldn't be able to do that graphically, I'm a programmer and my graphics skill are hardly my best. But as I also play a lot of table top RPGs, I decided to make a text game that could evoke more of the player imagination.

This game is a very simple one, and although the quality of writing doesn't keep up until the end, I hope you can have fun reading/playing this little journey. This project had many ups and downs, but I will discuss this later in my Post Mortem, which I should write after one or two weeks, after I gathered some feedback.

As always, please leave a comment so I can check your game too!

Congratulations to all!



* (08/28) I don't know how to make the embedded browser in itch.io stretch to the whole page. I will work on that. Also if I find that the font size and spacing isn't very comfortable, I'll change it ASAP!

* (09/06) Added two recommended BGM, added Firefox bug

* (09/06) Firefox bug crushed

* (09/08) Embedded URL was wrong, fixed


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