A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Welcome to the Robot Combat League! You are about to face your rival in a death match, will you be able to knock him down?


  • Enemy status is displayed on top on blue panels, player status is displayed on red panels, below

  • Activate a weapon of choice and select which part of the enemy to attack

  • CPU, Battery or Weapons can be attacked

  • An attack can only be performed after a cooldown

  • Heavy weapon has big damage, but take long to cooldown and takes a lot of energy
  • Defense can be hold while holding the button, it will recharge CPU and Weapons, but will consume battery. There is also a damage reduction

  • If CPU is hit, the cooldown will take longer
  • If Battery is hit, damage will be boosted
  • If Weapons are fully damaged, they can't be used

  • If CPU or Battery are fully damaged, the fighter is knocked down


This was a very busy LD for me, so I wasn't really able to finish all the features I wanted. In addition, I used godot engine for the first time, so I took me some time to get adjusted to it. I hope it's still enjoyable, and who knows, I might use this mechanics for a future project!

Repository: https://gitlab.com/nihilaleph/ld44


05.02: Added gifs to illustrate better the instructions

Install instructions

Just executables, Linux and MacOS not tested


hajime_no_botto_win.zip 12 MB
hajime_no_botto_mac.zip 14 MB
hajime_no_botto_linux.zip 14 MB
hajime_no_botto_src.zip 141 MB

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