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Have you ever had trouble organizing your desk? Well, how about you be forced to be organized? In Test Subject 42, you will play as the... well, Test Subject 42, trying to go through series of tasks in a limited table. Can you complete all of them before you end up toasted?

1. Movement and interaction

  • Mouse (X/Y, Left Button, Right Button, Wheel)
  • Arrows (Up, Down)

2. Objective

  • Follow your instructions and don't die
  • To interact with an object, pick it up with Right Button and then use Left Button

3. If you fail, the game will restart automatically. If you win, the game will close itself.

Unreal Engine 4


08/15 - Change a bit the wordings of the introduction to make it clearer that you need to hold an object to interact with it

08/18 - Add Playthrough youtube video

08/20 - Add Linux Build

After almost 2 years, I am back for some jamming! A lot of stress during this time, but I __was__ able to learn a couple of new things! For this project, mainly the new tools I'm using~ I do have other skills I would like to test, but let's just wait for the next jam 😋

Well, more about the __game__ now, very simple one, but I tested a lot of my new skills in it, so I'm actually satisfied with the end result (of course it can always be better though). After a long time jamming again, and not being able to just stay 2 days straight working, and using new software, I had a rough start, but everything ended well 😄 So it was actually good for me to do forget about compo and do it in a slower pace in jam.

No BGM and no fancy art, but I think this game didn't ask for it, and I was able to make (mostly) everything by myself~ so it actually follows compo rules, except the time constraint!

Anyway, that's it for me, I hope you enjoyed this small time playing my game, and as always, any feedback is much appreciated! 🙌

Install instructions

Just unzip, execute and have fun!


win32.zip 118 MB
win64.zip 108 MB
linux.zip 116 MB

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