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Positive and negative; Attraction and repulsion; Avoid destruction find neutrality. · By Nihil Aleph


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Mobile version on the works!
For some time I've been thinking that it actually be more convenient for people to play this game on a mobile phone (and it would seem to be quite appropriate)...
Version 1.1.0!
A new update has arrived! After some playtesting with random people, I decided to make a small patch for the game! What's new? Confirmation before returning to...
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A Positron Postmortem
Welcome to the Positron Dev Log! And so, as this projects comes to an end, I write my last entry for this devlog, at least for now. Of course, this means a Post...
Version 1.0.0!
And with this update, I consider the game complete! While I consider it complete, I might do future updates, but for now, this is the final version of the game!...
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Version 0.4.0!
Another whole new world complete?! Wow, even though I took a break I managed to finish! Though it was much simpler work this time... What's new? World 3 complet...
Composing Harmony
Welcome to the Positron Dev Log! So, I said I was burnt out previous week, but I didn't imagine I was going to feel like dying. So I decided to really take it e...
Blur under the lens
Welcome to the Positron Dev Log! With most of the foundation ready, development seems much smoother now, with less work required to achieve what I want. This is...
Version 0.3.0!
A whole new world complete?! Wow, this week was very productive! But now I need some rest... z_z What's new? Time record for each world World 2 complete (with B...
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